Wall Street

Our WALL STREET development is a supportive housing complex of eight units serving 10 men and women living in their own apartments. While the mix of tenants at Wall Street is somewhat less cohesive than Chesley House, they are a younger group who generally have fewer medical issues, experiencing greater social difficulties instead.

What makes it work:

  • Mutual respect between tenants and staff;
  • Well-trained, long term staff;
  • High staff to tenant ratio:
    • Allows for emotional support, problem solving and crisis management when needed most;
    • Allows Well-developed Plans with consistent follow-through;
    • Maximum use of teachable moments;
    • Group activities to enhance socialization and positive peer regard; for example:
  • an annual camping trip to the Nether-regions of Maine where tenant-campers work together for the common good and learn something about themselves in the process;
  • an annual Friends & Family Picnic that tenants plan and prepare with staff when they can be found cooking, grilling burgers, greeting, serving and leading lawn games
  • A weekly Tenants’ Council meeting with Program Coordinator to discuss policy and procedures, pass information and plan events;
  • A weekly pot luck meal shared between tenants and support staff;
  • A common room to enjoy companionship with other tenants that boasts:
    • a large table and chairs to accommodate meetings, communal meals, board games, celebrations and such;
    • a lounge area with comfortable furniture for reading the daily newspapers, chatting or watching TV;
    • bookcase filled with books, games, puzzles, cards, models and other activities;
    • cable television;
    • stereo system; and,
    • a computer station
  • A small staff office serves as a private space for taking medications and discussing financial matters with staff;
  • A low-cost, coin-operated laundry room is available just beyond the common area.

Treatment plans are developed for each tenant upon move-in and annually thereafter. Known as Individualized Service Plans (ISPs) within the mental health system, these prescriptive plans are essentially broken down into four basic parts.

  1. They outline specific services to be provided and by which entity;
  2. They summarize long and short term Goals identified by the tenant with his or her treatment team;
  3. They identify strengths/assets and barriers that may potentially impact outcomes; an
  4. They list the Action Steps necessary to achieve them.

    All plans are reviewed quarterly to assess progress or continued appropriateness.