Supported Apartments

PSL Services supported apartment program is designed specifically for individuals who have the ability to live in their own apartments with support. This program was developed for people who had chosen to live independently but required some additional support for them to be successful. This program was the first of its kind in the State for people with intellectual disabilities and has served as a model for several similar developments elsewhere.

Our program, known as “Safe City Settings,” offers the availability of on-site 24-hr support in addition to 1:1 direct support hours. Other aspects of the program include:


  • Awareness of tenants’ plans and whereabouts each day
  • Monitoring visitors
  • Providing for basic health and safety of each tenant
    • Assuring safety in the kitchen
    • Oversight of medications
    • Monitoring health issues
    • Monitoring food supplies


Staff and tenants follow annual plans developed by each tenant and their treatment team ever year.

These plans:

  • Identify long and short term goals;
  • Outline action steps and resources needed so goals can be achieved;
  • Identifies needed services and who or what entity will provide them
  • Progress is monitored regularly


Staff provide encouragement and support as each tenant develops the skills they need to live more independently. Following are a few areas of concentration:

  • Apartment management, cleaning, sanitation, safety;
  • Budgeting and paying bills;
  • Nutrition, meal planning, grocery shopping and preparation;
  • Communication and social skills development;
  • Personal Safety

COMMUNITY:  SCS provides an atmosphere that fosters friendships and a network of mutual support:

  • Tenants’ Associations meet monthly to set policy and plan events;
  • Tenants are encouraged to take advantage of no-cost or low-cost community resources;
  • During the holidays, tenants frequently gather to cook and share a holiday meal; at other times, pot luck or pizza is the bill of fare.


 Caring staff are available day and night to:

  • provide emotional support;
  • assist with problem solving;
  • share triumphs;

  In-house case management services provide:

  • monitoring of health status;
  • coordination of medical appointments;
  • monitoring and assistance with medications;
  • assistance with subsidy application and renewals;
  • advocacy with individuals being served.

For more information about this program, contact Molly Travis at (207)-879-0847 or