Safe City Settings I & II
PSL Services supported apartment program is an innovative service, designed specifically for individuals who have the ability to live in their own apartment with support. Funded under the Section 21 Waiver, this program was developed for people who have chosen to live independently, but require some additional support to be successful. This program was the first of its kind in the State for people with intellectual disabilities and has served as a model for several similar developments elsewhere. Traditionally known as “Safe City Settings,” this program offers the availability of 24 hour support in addition to 1:1 direct support hours. Support is offered in the following areas:

  • Medical/Dental Appointments
  • Money Management
  • Meal Preparation
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Cooking/Healthy Eating
  • Community Integration
  • Accessing the Greater Portland bus systems
  • Learning/Problem Solving
  • Self-Advocacy Support

Supported Living Services

Also funded under the Section 21 Waiver, the hallmark of this program is its flexibility. A menu of services is offered, from which individuals seeking assistance may choose. This allows them to select specific services and hours desired without the frustration that can develop as a result of receiving “too much help.”
Supported Living Services has been developed for people who live in their own apartments and need assistance in certain areas to maintain their success in the community and further increase their independence. Areas of need are developed by the individual and his or her team and a plan is developed using a menu of services available through this level of support. The menu is flexible and includes support such as:

  • Assistance with medical appointments
  • Keeping track of medications/re-ordering
  • Money management/budgeting
  • Meal planning
  • Grocery shopping/Cooking
  • Accessing Bus system
  • Organizing/Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Assistance with reading mail and completing applications
  • Assistance with self-advocacy
  • Flexible hours of support