PSL Services’ Next STEP (STRIVE’s Transitional Education Program)
is a unique, private pay program focused on education, health and wellness, recreation, and leisure.

Next STEP consists of two components: Education and Recreational Development. Students spend their time learning and growing from a curriculum, which rotates monthly, both at the STRIVE Center and in the local community. This is a very flexible program allowing students to attend full time (40 hours per week) or part time with schedules convenient to the needs of the participants.

Next STEP operates in a small group environment, with a maximum of a 1:5 staff to students ration. Students will benefit from the opportunity to learn more about independent living and explore the community while meeting friends and having a good time.

Community Services Programs: Another option to supplement participant’s day programming is through our Community Services Programs. Participants may access Community Services Programs before or after their Next STEP program to extend the available hours to a full day.

For more information about Next STEP, please visit us here