Community Services Program

PSL Community Support Services offers a wide range of community based services specifically designed and individualized to meet the needs of participants. By working from an individualized plan, each participant takes an active part in determining the services that he or she will receive.

STRIVE Bayside

STRIVE Bayside is a unique community supports program dedicated to expanding independent living skills and community connections for people with developmental disabilities. The program works with participants over a two year period to expand their abilities to live a more independent life. STRIVE Bayside runs two sessions: 9am-1pm and 1pm-5pm, Monday-Friday. The program is based in a 3- bedroom apartment in Bay Bay Tower in Portland. We use this apartment, along with the community, to work on independent living skills and navigating the community. This program utilizes the STRIVE U curriculum and is used to assist young people with disabilities to live and fully participate in their community. Funding options include Section 21, 29, and private pay. Space is limited to 8 participants per session.

ACTIVE is a program for people who want more out of their day program! ACTIVE is an acronym standing for Art, Career Preparedness, Technology, Independent Living, Volunteering, and Exercise. Participants and their teams focus on these areas to set goals and then use their goals and interests to form a schedule filled with classes offered by PSL Staff, community events and physical activities. Class offerings may include: Healthy Relationships, Photography, Counting Money, Cooking, Writing, Graphic Arts, Scrapbooking and Professional Development. Participants are encouraged to get some form of exercise each day, be it through a dance class, working out at the gym, swimming, bowling or walking. Additionally, each member is paired up with a local non-profit where they volunteer at least once a week, strengthening community connections and building pre-vocational skills. Utilizing a 3:1 participant to staff ratio, groups work on the encompassing goal of independence by working on grocery shopping, healthy meal planning and cooking, cleaning, and safely navigating the community. Participants also can choose to attend a planning committee to make sure their voice is heard! Ideas for the rotating quarterly classes and special events come from participants!

Participants in the Waves program are mostly older more experienced consumers. Along with completing goals identified in their person centered plan, daily involvement and volunteering in the community, and creating art projects, they concentrate on maintaining good health and fitness. Each week they do Qigong and Tai Chi exercises at the center, walk along paths and trails in the Greater Portland area, use the nearby Basics Gym for traditional workouts and somehow find time to attend dance classes. Utilizing a 3:1 participant to staff ratio, they also participate in a Culinary Arts class where they prepare many whole, fresh and organic dishes, mostly from recipes recommended by the American Heart Association. Although the activities are many, the pace is slower allowing consumers to build on their strengths, truly become part of the fabric of the community, and just plain have fun.

Next STEP: Another option to supplement participant’s day programming is Next STEP, a unique, private pay program focused on education, health and wellness, recreation, and leisure. Participants may access Next STEP programming options before or after their Community Service Program, to extend the available hours to a full day.

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